About Us

Twenty five-years experienced technical team, AR-GE Group (Research and Development Group) and sales unit have put a signature to a brand-new and quite a change evolution in the field of Sand Blasting/Shot Blasting Machine sector under the roof of  KUM-SA. 

Our team members who worked for different companies for years and gained experienced have began to share their knowledges with you, our worthy customers with speciality of  KUM-SA.

KUM-SA Sand Blasting/Shot Blasting Machines are designed with high efficiency and low operating expenses principles. Drawings are made by the engineers who are experienced in their fields in computer environment. After the process works about production, manufacturing stage is proceeded. 

KUM-SA is a pioneer company that always tries to maintain quality and customer satisfaction top level. Our company will always stand by you with professional staff who accept solving problems as their responsibility and with fast, qualified service understanding.


  • To make contribution to national economy
  • To be concious of responsibilities towards society and environment
  • To adopt the sense of all staff must be responsible for quality and herewith, to raise the quality consciousness, to provide knowledge and skill based training, to prompt the staff to rapport and creativity
  • To adopt the sustainable development as life style
  • To respond the requests quick, to carry out and to deliver the projects in time.
  • To aim to be leader in the sector in terms of technology and quality
  • To present to its customers benefit goods and services as a best solution partner and to ensure the customer satisfaction continous
  • To lower the cost and to raise productivity and profitability in the long term
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