KUM-SA Cabin type sandblasting machines  are jet-pulse system and feedback machines with automatic time adjusted, with self cleaning and have high suction. Cabin Systems are divided into two; Suction Type and Pressurized Type. At the suction system blasting gun is used. Roughening and cleaning are more less compared to pressurized system. At the pressurized system nozzle is used and roughening is more. At this system, air sprayed abrasive from nozzle or blasting gun is absorbed from the area under the cabin and passed through cyclone after it finishes its mission on the material. Over here, grains which have out of function dimensions are directed to the dust catcher unit where the filters are situated in and available big grains are included in the system again from under the cyclone. Cabin type sandblasting machines have throughput four times quicker compered to vacuumed system. Blasting that enables to blast small pieces in factory environment is cabin type sandblasting. Usually this kind of blasting is used in factories, in automotive industry, in weapon industry. It can blast all kinds of metal, air consumption is 6 m³ per minute. Viewing window has wide field view. Cabin interior is lightened by fluorescent lamp. Lamps had been designed the way that not to be influenced from abrasive and dust. Gloves are blast proof and cabin interior is furnished with abrasion resistant rubbers. It can operate by the abrasives like steel shot, steel grits, silica sand, aluminium oxide, glass sand, plastic media, nutshell. At our machines there is a security mechanism that stops the system when the door is opened. Arbitrary, movable turntable can be adapted in the cabin or out of the cabin.
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