Portable/Mobile Pressurized Sandblasting Machine

Portable/Mobile Pressurized Sandblasting Machine

KUM-SA Portable sandblasting machines are a design that are presented with blasting pot (tank), compressed air filter, shot blasting valve, respiratory filter, blasting and air hoses, compressor hose, mask, nozzle and nozzle device. It operates via compressed air. Sandblasting process is performed by connecting air to the machine. Spiral lobe compressor which has 5-6 m³/min. flow rate is suitable. Sandblasting which is applied by portable sandblasting machines is a type of blasting that applied in place with a compressor that produces high-pressure air to the place where the blasting process will be performed, shot blasting machine, hoses and these kind of equipments. These equipments are carried to the place where sandblasting will be performed.  Sandblasting that performs by portable sanblasting machine can be performed in everywhere. But the only disadvantage of this method is dust. The largest speciality of portable shot blasting machine with suction system that is used on sensitive blasting is low air consumption and ease of handling. Portable shot blasting machine can have sand by 250 kg with big sand tank. Portable shot blasting machines can spray all kinds of required sandblasting and consumables materials via sandblasting guns that have great sandblast power. Portable shot blasting machine which has 4.2 cubic meter/minute (6-8 bar) air consumption can be moved easily because it is wheeled.  Through the regulator at air inlet which is on the portable shot blasting machine, portable shot blasting machine provides operate at required pressure. Sheet metal surface of the portable shot blasting machine which is designed for blasting works of small scale, had been put under protection against strokes and straches by electrostatics powder coat. At portable shot blasting machines, high strength sandblasting gun with stainless steel case and abrasion resistant boron carbide blasting nozzle are used. When portable shot blasting machine uses at 2-10 bar operating pressure, air requirement of 4.2-5.8 cubic meter / per minute occures. With these qualities, portable shot blasting machine either provides energ saving and performs sensitive sandblasting.  

There are automatic and manual working types.


The system that can command the sand and air flow by hand. 


The system that command the sand and air flow by pot.


It is a system that prevents dust emission by spraying abrasive and water  simultaneously.

Portable shot blasting machine is used in various areas like cleaning and preparation to dye of rusty, dyed, steel construction profiles and ship surfaces, cleaning the burrs of casting and hammering. It is used on cleaning the surfaces of iron, sheet metal, aluminum, glass materials and decorative shaping too. It presents ideal solutions for sanding of big pieces that can’t fit into the cabin, sanding of steel constructions on sites. The most important speciality of portable shot blasting machine is; it can use all abrasive grains.  If the area where the sandblasting process will be performed will be enlarged, the length of blasting hose can be extended.

For required cleaning compressed air flow is adjusted. For a good cleaning Spiral lobe compressor which has 5-6 m³/min. flow rate is suitable. For enlarge the area where sandblasting will be done, the length of blasting hose is extended. In order for operate the machine, the tank is filled up with sand. Later, sand entry is closed with rubber pad. Thus, air pressure in the tank and the pressure in the hose are equalized. Sand and air come together in the valve which is our fabrication and pressurized sand outlet is provided from the end of the nozzle. The nozzle always must hanged on straight forward to the surface which will be cleaned. It shouldn't hanged on straight forward to any lively and especially to face. The nozzle is grabbed and the required surface is blasted. The person who will apply blasting must wear mask in order to not be damaged. The sand which will be filled up in the tank must be dry, attention should be paid. Wet or moist sand causes blocages on the machine. The nozzle was designed as demountable. If there is big pieces in the sand, this causes blockage of the nozzle. In that case, the nozzle can be demount and cleaned. Sand can be used 5 or 6 times according to its type. If the area where sandblasting is applied is closed, either sand can be used again and this is more suitable environmentally.

Pot of 320 liters is manufactured 3 wheeled in order to ease the carry of the machine. Front wheels are free system and rear wheel is stationary. 

Pot of 220 liters is 2 wheeled. 


Blasting Pot which had undergone hydrostatics test: 120 liters, 220liters, 320liters

Pressurized Air Filter: KS 7200

Sand Regulating Valve: Registered Design

Adaptor: For Nozzle

American Origin and CE Certificated Nozzle: DN-8

Mask With Half Suit: Our Manufacturing

Imported Respirotory Filter: Activated Carbon

American Origin Automatic Deadman Handle  

(Blasting Trigger): Clemco       

Pneumatics Valve Air Hose: 5,5*8mm     

Pneumatics Mask Air Hose: 10*8mm 

Fairlead: 1’’ female

Fairlead: 1" male         

Respirotory Security Pressure Controller: 1"              

Pot Security Pressure Controller: 1 ¼’’   

OPTIONAL EQUIPMENTS                                    

Hydrous Blasting Nozzle

Angular Blasting Nozzle


HAVKUM-320 (MN)230 kg1050 kg
HAVKUM-320 (OTM)230 kg1050 kg
HAVKUM-220 (MN)160 kg720 kg
HAVKUM-220 (OTM)160 kg720 kg
HAVKUM-120 (MN)85 kg400 kg
HAVKUM-120 (OTM)85 kg400 kg
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