KUM-SA Sandblasting chambers are one of the best solutions for sandblast of shapeless and big pieces. The System forms of blasting chamber (cabin-room), elevator, separator, filter, dust catcher system, pipe system, control panel, lighting, viewing window,  staff doors, grille, rails, walkway, material entrance and exit door, service stairs and platforms, mobile carriage (vehicle), carrier conveyor and portable shot blasting machine. Working principle of the system is as below;

Materials are put on the mobile carriage and taken in the cabin safely. The material which is in the room are cleaned by bombardment. The steel balls which are fall off in the room come to the elevator and from elevator they come to the separator by the conveyor. In the separator, steel balls are cleaned and cleaned steel balls are transfered to the bunker again. Dust pass through dry-type mechanic filter. Cleaned air is discharged by fan. Thus, cleaning process is completed. 


-Our  sandblastig chambers are steel construction. For facade lining, sandwich panels that each of have 40mm thickeness is used (Sandwich panel is choosen because it is an ideal choice for heat insulation, sound insulation and dust insulation.   

-Inner of the cabin is covered with rubber. The rubber is special, abrasion resistant and has 5mm thickness. 

-Our sandblasting chambers have a filter system that absorbs dust from below. 

-To transfer the steel balls which are fall off during sandblasting procedure in the room, to the elevator  offset part of the floor is furnished with expanded metal. Falling sand grains are collected in the bunker and with the help of conveyor they are transfered to the elevator.  Conveyor system is a special design and minimizes the foundation excavation. Not to dig and special designs of our company is the largest advantages that are offered our dear valued customers. It is enough to dig a hole which has a length equal to cabin width and for elevator it is enough to dig a hole which has a depth of 80 cm. and for blasting chamber it is enough to dig a hole which has a depth of 35 cm. in order to carry the sand grains by conveyor to the elevator.

-For all products that fit into the chamber all the doors are closed, abrasive and sound insulation are provided.

-The sand comes to the elevator is get up by elevator buckets and from there it goes to the separator. 

-Cleaned steel balls are stored and herefrom they are sended to the sandblasting machine. 

-The sand in the sandblastig machine is sprayed on the material which will be blasted with the aid of automatic control in the hand of operator in the cabin.

-There will be a signalization alarm on the cabin while the system is working. 

-In the system  steel granule, grit and silica can be used. 

Operation of the system continues in this way. 

Blasting Pot (tank) 
Shut off Valve
Pressure indicator
Sand Valve
Control Valves
Special Water Catcher Intake Filter
Safety Valve
Air Indicator
Blasting Hose 
Compressor Hose (With Fairlead Connections) 
Nozzle Retainer Adaptor of 8mm
Nozzle of 8 mm

It forms a complete unit with its pressed Hoses


1. Surface Cleaning : Sa2 - Sa2,5

2. Surface Roughness: Quality of 15 – 50 micron. 
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