KUM-SA Hanger type shot blasting machines find industrial solutions for the surface problems in casting, steel, aluminum and forged steel industry. The machine forms of main body (cabin), elevator, separator, filter, dust catcher system, pipe system, dust-pipe connections, helix, hanger system, hanger lifting system (if required), service stairs and platform, control panel and turbines. Hanger-type blast machines are among the most flexible types of blasting equipment. They are used to remove rust, scale, sand and burrs from many kinds of work pieces. Hanger-type machines are also used for the finish blasting of sensitive work pieces or to roughen work piece surfaces for subsequent coating. As a rule, hanger-type blast machines are offered either for batch or continuous processing. However, there are many intermediate designs that are oriented towards different kinds of overhead conveyor systems. In many cases, different processes such as blasting, painting and subsequent drying can be interconnected via the overhead conveyor system. This makes it possible to tap an enormous potential for streamlining the process workflow. Additional processing variants are created by using different kinds of work piece holders to assist in the process of feeding work pieces to the blasting machine. In many cases, standard holders such as disks, baskets or rods can solve the application challenges. However, the increasingly detailed needs of our customers often lead to the creation of tailor-made solutions. Inside of the cabin and turbine target areas are coated with manganous sheet metal or manganous casting and other areas are coated with abrasion resistant rubber. They are the machines that resultant ever lasting  AR-GE (Research and Development) studies and they have high technology, they are low expense cost and they are highly productive machines. Working princible of the hanger type shot blasting machine is as below; materials that will be blasted are placed on the hangers, are taken in the cabin safely and the door is closed. Turbines on the machine clean the material by bombartment. Steel balls which fall into the cabin come to the elevator and from elevator they come to the separator. The separator provides separation of steel balls and dust. Separated steel balls are transfered to the turbine again. Dust passes through the dry type, mechanic filter. Cleaned air is discharged by fan. After cleaning procedure, the machine stops automatically and the process is done. Work pieces are placed in work piece holders or are suspended directly from the running gear’s rotating hook. The work pieces are then pushed into position in front of the blasting machine. An automatic feed mechanism then advances the work pieces to the first blasting position. After the blasting program begins, the machine door is automatically closed and electro-pneumatically locked. As the work pieces rotate, they are blasted at three different blasting stations according to the pre-set blasting times. The blasting abrasive is continuously cleaned, recirculated and reused. An abrasive metering device feeds the cleaned abrasive from the abrasive storage bunker to the high-performance turbines. Upon completion of the blasting cycle and after the turbines have come to a complete stop, the machine door opens automatically and the suspended work pieces return to their initial position. A fan unit creates the partial vacuum necessary to maintain dust-free operation of the blasting unit. Extracted air is cleaned in a special filter unit.

Our machines can be produced in intended dimensions on your sizes of your materials.  

There is a integrated option of our automatic and continuous models on your production line. 


Surface Cleaning: Sa2-Sa2.5

Surface Roughness: 15 - 50 micron

ASKUM-0WITH BASKET700*9005002*350*6
ASKUM-1WITH BASKET800*12005002*350*6
ASKUM-2DOUBLE HANGER1000*150010003*350*6
ASKUM-3DOUBLE HANGER1200*160010003*350*6
ASKUM-4DOUBLE HANGER1200*180015003*400*8
ASKUM-5DOUBLE HANGER1500*200015003*400*8
ASKUM-6DOUBLE HANGER1750*200015004*400*8
ASKUM-7DOUBLE HANGER1800*250020004*400*8
ASKUM-8DOUBLE HANGER2000*250020004*400*8
ASKUM-9SINGLE HANGER2000*300030004*500*8
ASKUM-10SINGLE HANGER2500*300030004*400*8
ASKUM-11SINGLE HANGER2500*400040006*500*8
ASKUM-12SINGLE HANGER3000*400010.0006*500*8
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