KUM-SA Pipe shot blasting machines are customer specific machines and they are produced in intended diameter. Pipe shot blasting machines are used  for purify wastes like dirt, scale and rust on the surface of the pipe before coating and dye. By using suitable abrasives,  intended roughening is gained too. The machine forms of main body (cabin), elevator, separator, filter, turbines, helix, cyclone, cylinders, dust catcher, hatches and control panel. At our machines that have SA 2.5 surface quality blasting turbin speed control device, cab internal material entrance and exist sensors,  conveyor speed control device are brought in your use with standard option. Easy changeable covers for pipe diameters are manufactured abrasion resistant. 


The material that will be blasted is put on the conveyor safely. The material at the  entarance and exıst of machine can be adjusted (controlled) with speed control system. Speed adjustment is done with speed control unit. With turbines that placed at the top and under of the main body, the material can be blasted without turn it with one shot by bombardment. Elevator transports the steel balls which are poured in the machine to the separator with the buckets that are placed on the belt. The dusty steel balls  pour to the separator  by elevator. Poured steel balls removed from dust by the help of sieve. Thanks to this way dustless steel balls are transfered to the turbines. In the system filter bags are used. These fabric bags have high dust catch capability. After bombardment, sandblasted and clean workpiece is taken from on conveyor with safely. Finally the workpiece is ready for other processes.
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