KUM-SA Shaft shot blasting machines are the machines that cleanse the material from rust, burrs and scales. The material is moved due to V-Conveyors. In order to be able to meet the necessity of differet capacities, it can be produced in 10 or 20 lines. Again as per order, according to business process automatic loading and discharge units can also be designed. The machine forms of main body, entrance and exist rolls withV bearing, filter unit, turbines, elevator, separator, cyclone and control panel. Interior of the machie is covered with manganous steel plates. Intended speed of the materials which are present at entry and exit of the machine can be regulatable with speed control system. Speed will be regulated by speed control unit. The turbines that placed under and upper parts of the machine body, bombard from bottom and from above and in this way all parts of the material are cleaned at a time without being turned over. Elevator carries the steel balls fall into the machine, to the seperator with the buckets attached on the belt. Dusty steel balls which are brought by the elevator fall into the separator. Steel balls are separated from dust with strainer. Thus, dustless steel balls are transfered to the turbines. And dust pass through dust catcher and then they are caught in the filter. With filter, dust can’t go out. Cleaning of the filter is done by automatic pulses. 

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